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About LaliBlue

At the head of LaliBlue we are Gema and Cristina. Hello! It's a pleasure to see you here ;)

LaliBlue is a Spanish jewelery firm, with more than 10 years of experience, that creates fun pieces with vintage inspiration.

We are fascinated by antique dealers, classic tales, music, nature, cinema, theater, toys from the past ... and all that magic in life that makes our heads fly overflowing with ideas and inspiration to new collections.


We love experimenting with different materials, trying to break away from the concept of traditional jewelry. We take care of the details, both in the design and in the meticulous elaboration so that they do not stop surprising you when you discover them.

All the illustrations and designs that you will find in our store are original from LaliBlue. And all the pieces are 100% handcrafted in our workshop in Castellón (Spain).

We invite you to explore every corner of and we hope you enjoy it a lot.

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