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Inspired by the legend of Sleepy Hollow , a horror short story written by Washington Irving, which Tim Burton popularized with his film.


Ideal to wear on Halloween!


Contains a paper miniature of the Headless Horseman. The layout of the paper creates a successful effect of depth. All this inside an attractive natural wood frame and tree-shaped methacrylate. Scene contains some luminescent paint details - glow in the dark! *


Bronze colored chain with lobster clasp.Choose the ideal length for you! Available in 50 cm or 70 cm.


Or if you prefer a nice brooch, forget about the chain and choose a brooch from the drop-down menu.


6 x 5 cm pendant.


Original illustration and design by LaliBlue. Made entirely in our workshop in Spain.

* To make it glow in the dark, put it under ultraviolet light first, it "charges" with it.

Sleepy hollow

  • This delicate piece is created with a lot of dedication and love, and we hope it will become one of your favorites. Please do not let it come into contact with water, perfumes, cosmetic products and other substances that can deteriorate it. We advise you to always keep it in its box when you are not wearing it.

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